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Beyond the Walls of York: the Road to Hull
Principal Author: Dave Evans
The former site of the D.C. Cook car showrooms in Lawrence Street, York, was the subject of an archaeological evaluation in 2001 and an excavation early in 2003. Roman ditches were identified and excavated and there was some evidence, in the form of pottery, for the Anglian period (8th/9th century). The site appears to have been occupied from the 12th century and features of the medieval period included a large boundary ditch, a barrel-lined well and an oven. During the post-medieval period evidence for activity on the site lessened considerably but a ditch and possible horticultural features were uncovered, as was much evidence for the 19th century and later use of the site. Investigation of plant and invertebrate remains gave a very rare view of rural conditions on the eastern edge of York. [more...]

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