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A Roman Camp and Prehistoric Site at Monks Cross, York
Principal Author: Mark Johnson

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This report details the results of excavations at Monks Cross, Huntington South Moor, on the north-eastern side of the City of York. The excavations uncovered two-thirds of a Roman temporary camp that was discovered by aerial photographers from English Heritage in 2002. The camp proved to date from the early-mid 2nd century, and was deliberately slighted after a short period of use. Although laid out to a high standard of surveying precision, the actual construction of the camp was carried out with considerably less attention to detail.

An unexpected aspect of the excavation resulted from the discovery of a number of prehistoric features dating from the Neolithic to the Iron Age. These included a pit alignment boundary, parts of a possible enclosure and a number of pits, together with a fine assemblage of flint artefacts.

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Interactive Site Plan
More detailed discussion of the stratigraphy of the site is provided in the PDF version of the Assessment Report (PDF 1798KB), written before detailed analysis.
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