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General Publications
   2000 Years of York - The Archaeological Story
   Medieval Craft and Mystery: Discovering the People behind York’s Mystery Plays (2012)
Rogers, Nicola
   Monk Bridge Ironworks (2011)
Davies, G., Stenton, M., Fitzgerald, R. and Kinchin-Smith, R.
   Historical Map of York about 1850
The Historic Towns Trust and York Archaeological Trust
   Plague Poverty & Prayer Guide Book (2009)
York Archaeological Trust
   Celebrating JORVIK; a new Look at the Viking-Age Artefacts from the Coppergate Excavation 1976-1981
York Archaeological Trust (2009)
   Historical Map and Guide; Roman and Anglian York (1988)
York Archaeological Trust; Ordnance Survey
   Medieval York (2008)
Dean, Gareth
   Bedern Hall and the College of the Vicars Choral of York Minster
Richard Hall
   Treasures of York
Kyriacou, Christine, Mee, Frances and Rogers, Nicola
   Romans on the Yorkshire Coast
Patrick Ottaway
   Sweet Fishes: Stories from the Castle Market (Sheffield)

Oral History
   Rich in All but Money: Life in Hungate 1900-1938 (2007) Revised edition
Wilson, Van
   Rations, Raids and Romance: York in the Second World War (2008)
Wilson, Van
   Stonegate Voices (2009)
Wilson, Van
   The Best Years of Our Lives? Secondary Education in York 1900-1985 (2010)
Wilson, Van
   The Changing Face of Clifton (2011)
Wilson, Van
   It's How You Play The Game: Olympic Sports in York (2012)
Wilson, Van
   York's Golden Half Mile: The Story of Coney Street (2013)
Van Wilson

The Archaeology of York

General Editor: R.A. Hall

York is one of Europe's premier historic cities, its archaeological remains of Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking Age and medieval date reflecting its national and international role. Unusually, soil conditions favour the preservation of organic remains. The 20 volume series, The Archaeology of York, presents the archaeological discoveries and their interpretation. More than 60 parts have been published, and some (marked ) are now available at bargain prices.

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Sources For York History to AD 1100
   AY 1/1 - Sources for York History to AD 1100 (Hardback)
D.W. Rollason, D. Gore and G. Fellows-Jensen (1998)
   AY 1/1 - Sources for York History to AD 1100 (Paperback)
D.W. Rollason, D. Gore and G. Fellows-Jensen (1998)
Historical Sources for York Archaeology after AD 1100
   AY 2/1 - The History of Clementhorpe Nunnery
R.B. Dobson and S. Donaghey (1984)
   AY 2/2 - York Bridgemasters' Accounts
Translated by Philip Stell (2003)
   AY 2/3 - Probate Inventories of the York Diocese, 1350-1500 (2006)
Stell, P. M. (trans.)
The Legionary Fortress
   AY 3/1 - The Church Street Sewer and an Adjacent Building
J.B. Whitwell (1976)
   AY 3/2 - Interval Tower SW5 and the South-west Defences: Excavations 1972-75
A.B. Sumpter and S. Coll (1977)
   AY 3/3 - Excavations and Observations on the Defences and Adjacent Sites, 1971-90
Patrick Ottaway (1996)
   AY 3/4 - Excavations in the Praetentura: 9 Blake Street
R.A. Hall (1997)
The Colonia
   AY 4/1 - Riverside Structures and a Well in Skeldergate and Buildings in Bishophill
M.O.H. Carver, S. Donaghey and A.B. Sumpter (1978)
Roman Extra-mural Settlement and Roads
   AY 6/1 - Coney Street, Aldwark and Clementhorpe, Minor Sites and Roman Roads
D. Brinklow, R.A. Hall, J.R. Magilton and S. Donaghey (1986)
   AY 6/2 - Archaeology in the Environs of Roman York: Excavations 1976-2005 (2011)
Ottaway, P.
Anglian York
   AY 7/1 - Anglian Settlement at 46-54 Fishergate
Richard L. Kemp (1996)
   AY 7/2 - Anglian York: A Survey of the Evidence
D. Tweddle, J. Moulden and E. Logan
Anglo-Scandinavian York
   AY 8/1 - Anglo-Scandinavian Settlement South-west of the Ouse
Joan Moulden and Dominic Tweddle (1986)
   AY 8/2 - St Mary Bishophill Junior and St Mary Castlegate
L.P. Wenham, R.A. Hall, C.M. Briden and D.A. Stocker (1987)
   AY 8/3 - Urban Structures and Defences, including the Lloyds Bank Excavations
P.V. Addyman and R.A. Hall (1991)
   AY 8/4 - Aspects of Anglo-Scandinavian York
R.A. Hall et al. (2004)
   AY 8/5 - AY 8/5: Anglo-Scandinavian Occupation at 16-22 Coppergate (2014)
Richard A. Hall with D.T Evans,K. Hunter-Mann and Ailsa Mainman
The Medieval Walled City North-east of the Ouse
   AY 10/1 - The Church of St Helen-on-the-Walls, Aldwark
J.R. Magilton (1980)
   AY 10/2 - Medieval Tenements in Aldwark, and Other Sites
R.A. Hall, H. MacGregor and M. Stockwell (1988)
   AY 10/3 - The Bedern Foundry
J.D. Richards (1993)
   AY 10/4 - The College of the Vicars Choral of York Minster at Bedern: Architectural Fragments
David A. Stocker
   AY 10/5 - The Vicars Choral of York Minster: The College at Bedern (2001)
Julian D. Richards
   AY 10/6 - Medieval Urbanism in Coppergate: Refining a Townscape (2004)
R.A. Hall and K. Hunter-Mann
   AY 10/7 - Medieval Metalworking and Urban Life at St Andrewgate, York
Rhona Finlayson
The Medieval Defences and Suburbs
   AY 11/1 - Union Terrace: Excavations in the Horsefair
J.D. Richards, C. Heighway and S. Donaghey (1989)
   AY 11/2 - The Church and Gilbertine Priory of St Andrew, Fishergate
Richard L. Kemp and C. Pamela Graves (1996)
   AY 11/3 - The Window Glass of the Order of St Gilbert of Sempringham: a York-based Study
C. Pamela Graves (2000)
The Medieval Cemeteries
   AY 12/1 - The Cemetery of St Helen-on-the-Walls, Aldwark
J.D. Dawes and J.R. Magilton (1980)
   AY 12/2 - Cemeteries of St Andrew, Fishergate
G. Stroud and R.L. Kemp (1993)
   AY 12/3 - The Jewish Burial Ground at Jewbury
J.M. Lilley et al. (1994)
   AY 12/x - Index to AY 12/1-3
The Past Environment of York
   AY 14/1 - The Environmental Evidence from the Church Street Roman Sewer System
P.C. Buckland (1976)
   AY 14/2 - Biological Evidence from the Roman Warehouses in Coney Street
H.K. Kenward and D. Williams (1979)
   AY 14/3 - Environmental Evidence from Roman Deposits in Skeldergate
A.R. Hall, H.K. Kenward and D. Williams (1980)
   AY 14/4 - Environment and Living Conditions at Two Anglo-Scandinavian Sites
A.R. Hall, H.K. Kenward, D. Williams and J.R.A. Greig (1983)
   AY 14/5 - Environmental Evidence from a Roman Well and Anglian Pits in the Legionary Fortress
H.K. Kenward, A.R. Hall and A.K.G. Jones (1986)
   AY 14/6 - Environmental Evidence from the Colonia: Tanner Row and Rougier Street
A.R. Hall and H.K. Kenward (1990)
   AY 14/7 - Biological Evidence from Anglo-Scandinavian Deposits at 16-22 Coppergate
H.K. Kenward and A.R. Hall (1995)
   AY 14/x - Index to AY 14/1-6
The Animal Bones
   AY 15/1 - Selected Groups of Bones from Skeldergate and Walmgate
T.P. O'Connor (1984)
   AY 15/2 - Bones from the General Accident Site, Tanner Row
T.P. O'Connor (1988)
   AY 15/3 - Bones from Anglo-Scandinavian Levels at 16-22 Coppergate
T.P. O'Connor (1989)
   AY 15/4 - Bones from 46-54 Fishergate
T.P. O'Connor (1991)
   AY 15/5 - Bones from Medieval Deposits at 16-22 Coppergate and Other Sites in York
J.M. Bond and T.P. O'Connor (1999)
The Pottery
   AY 16/1 - Selected Pottery Groups AD 650-1780
J. Holdsworth (1978)
   AY 16/2 - Roman Pottery from the Colonia: Skeldergate and Bishophill
J.R. Perrin (1981)
   AY 16/3 - Medieval and Later Pottery from Aldwark and Other Sites
Catherine M. Brooks (1987)
   AY 16/4 - Roman Pottery from the Colonia: Tanner Row and Rougier Street
J.R. Perrin (1990)
   AY 16/5 - Anglo-Scandinavian Pottery from Coppergate (1990)
Mainman, A.J.
   AY 16/6 - The Pottery from 46-54 Fishergate
A.J. Mainman (1993)
   AY 16/7 - Roman Pottery from the Fortress: 9 Blake Street
Jason Monaghan (1993)
   AY 16/8 - Roman Pottery From York
Jason Monaghan (1997)
   AY 16/9 - Medieval Pottery from York
Mainman, A. and Jenner, J. (2013)
The Small Finds
   AY 17/01 - Finds from a Roman Sewer and an Adjacent Building in Church Street
Arthur MacGregor (1976)
   AY 17/02 - Roman Finds from Skeldergate and Bishophill
Arthur MacGregor (1978)
   AY 17/03 - Anglo-Scandinavian Finds from Lloyds Bank, Pavement, and Other Sites
Arthur MacGregor (1982)
   AY 17/04 - Finds from Parliament Street and Other Sites in the City Centre
Dominic Tweddle (1986)
   AY 17/05 - Textiles, Cordage and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate
Penelope Walton (1989)
   AY 17/05x - Index to AY 17/1-5
   AY 17/06 - Anglo-Scandinavian Ironwork from 16-22 Coppergate
Patrick Ottaway (1992)
   AY 17/07 - Non-ferrous Metalworking from 16-22 Coppergate
Justine Bayley (1992)
   AY 17/08 - The Anglian Helmet from Coppergate
Dominic Tweddle (1992)
   AY 17/09 - Anglian Finds from 46-54 Fishergate
Nicola S.H. Rogers (1993)
   AY 17/10 - Finds from the Fortress
H.E.M. Cool et al. (1995)
   AY 17/11 - Textile Production at 16-22 Coppergate
Penelope Walton Rogers (1997)
   AY 17/12 - Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Bone, Antler, Ivory and Horn from Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval
A. MacGregor, A.J. Mainman and N.S.H. Rogers (1999)
   AY 17/13 - Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Wood and Woodworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York
Carole A. Morris
   AY 17/14 - Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Finds from Anglo-Scandinavian York
A.J. Mainman and N.S.H. Rogers
   AY 17/15 - Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Finds from Medieval York
Patrick Ottaway and Nicola Rogers
   AY 17/16 - Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York
Quita Mould, Ian Carlisle and Esther Cameron
The Coins
   AY 18/1 - Post-Roman Coins from York Excavations 1971-81
E.J.E. Pirie et al. (1986)
Principles and Methods
   AY 19/1 - The Analysis of Archaeological Insect Assemblages: A New Approach
H.K. Kenward (1978)
   AY 19/2 - The Analysis of Urban Animal Bone Assemblages: A Handbook for Archaeologists
T.P. O'Connor (2003)
Supplementary Series
   AY SUPP - The City Walls and Castles of York: The Pictorial Evidence (2005)
Wilson, B. and Mee, F.
   AY SUPP - 'The Fairest Arch in England' Old Ouse Bridge, York, and its Buildings: The Pictorial Evidence
Barbara Wilson and Frances Mee
   AY SUPP - The Medieval Parish Churches of York: The Pictorial Evidence
Barbara Wilson and Frances Mee (1998)
   AY SUPP - St Mary's Abbey and The King's Manor, York: The Pictorial Evidence (2009)
Barbara Wilson and Frances Mee

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