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The Analysis of Urban Animal Bone Assemblages: A Handbook for Archaeologists
T.P. O'Connor (2003)
224pp; 30 illustrations
ISBN: 1 902771 35 4
AY 19/2
Price: £15.95 plus p&p
The report describes and discusses the study of animal bones from urban excavations, based on experience gained during the study of material from York. Practical and analytical procedures are set out in detail, with discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of different methods of data anlysis and presentation. Sampling and sieving procedures are reviewed, and specific recommendations are made on the basis of practical experience. Recording methods are reviewed and the effect of rapid development in computer technology is considered. Quantification, age at death estimation and biometrical analysis are each discussed in some detail. The report also reviews the research opportunities presented by sites that yield very large assemblages of bones, and the potential of sites that yield only very small assemblages. Finally, there is a discussion of research directions that urban zooarchaeology might take in the medium term.

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