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Books about the Romans for Children

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Connolly, P.  1975. The Roman Army (Hemel Hempstead, Simon and Schuster Young Books, reprinted 1994) The quality of the illustrations alone in Peter Connolly’s book make this an essential introduction to the subject for adults and children alike.
Deary, T.  1994. Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans (London, Scholastic Children’s Books) This is an excellent off-beat and humorous introduction to the Romans which will appeal to children (and adults) of all ages.
Ganeri, A. 1992. Focus on Romans (London, Watts Books)
Guy, J.  1998. Roman Life: a Snappy Turtle Guide (London, Ticktock Publications)
Hall, J. and Jones, C.  1992. Roman Britain (BBC Fact Finders)
Hebditch, F.  1996. Britain Through the Ages: Roman Britain  (London, Evans Books)
Howard, C. and Liddiard, P.  1996.  The Romans in Britain (Cambridge University Press)
James, S.  1990. Eyewitness Guide to Ancient Rome (London, Dorling Kindersley)
MacDonald, F. and Wood, G.  1993.  Inside Story: A Roman Fort (London, McDonald Young Books)
Marsden, B.M.  1994. Roman Invaders and Settlers (Hove, Wayland)
Morley, J. and James, J.  1996.  Inside Story: A Roman Villa (London, McDonald Young Books)
Place, R.  1993.  Clues from the Past (Hove, Wayland) This is a ‘how we know what we know’ book which provides an excellent introduction to the archaeology of Roman and other periods.
Place, R. 1998.  The Romans: Fact and Fiction (Cambridge University Press) This imaginative story about two Roman children in Londinium set alongside real archaeological evidence is one of the more effective introductions to the subject for children.
Robbins, D. 1996.  Roman Times (London, Kingfisher Little Histories)
Sutcliffe, R. 1994. The Eagle of the Ninth (Puffin Modern Classics)
Sutcliffe, R. 1980 and 1998.  The Silver Branch (Puffin and Oxford Children’s Modern Classics)
These two books by Rosemary Sutcliffe are novels which convey the spirit of Roman Britain to a young reader as well as anything else in print.
Whittock, M. 1994. The Roman Empire (London, Heineman History Study Units)
Whittock, M. 1996. Living in Roman Britain (London, Heineman History Study Units)
Wingate, P. 1995.  The Romans (London, Usborne Hotshots)
Wood, T.  1994.  The Romans (Ladybird History of Britain)
For a book plus a CD.ROM see: Corbishley, M and Cooper, C. 1999. Real Romans: digital time traveller (English Heritage / TAG Publishing)

A Latin Course for Children

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A successful Latin course for children is Minimus (Cambridge University Press) produced by the Primary Latin Project which has accompanying teacher’s resource book and newsletter. See the web site on

Books for Teachers

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Copeland, T.,  1991. A Teacher’s Guide to Maths and the Historic Environment (English Heritage)
Henson, D. (ed.) 1997. Archaeology in the English National Curriculum (Council for British Archaeology)
Henson, D. (ed.) 1997.  Teaching Archaeology: a UK Directory of Resources (Council for British Archaeology)
Howell, R. (ed.)  1994. Archaeology and the National Curriculum in Wales (Council for British Archaeology – also available in Welsh language version)
Keen, J.  1996.  Ancient Technology (English Heritage)
Watson, I. 1997. Using Roman Sites (English Heritage)
Note also that most major museums and sites displaying Roman material produce teacher’s notes or resource packs.

General Studies of Roman Britain

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There are a number of standard works on Roman Britain of which the following are the best-known and most reliable.
Frere, S.S., 1987.  Britannia: a History of Roman Britain (3rd edition, London, Routledge)

Jones, B and Mattingly, D., 1990. An Atlas of Roman Britain (Oxford, Blackwell)
Millett, M., 1995. Roman Britain (London, Batsford / English Heritage)
Potter, T. and Johns, C., 1992.  Roman Britain  (London, British Museum Press)
Richmond, I.A., 1995. Roman Britain (3rd edition,  Pelican History of England, revised M.Todd)
Salway, P., 1981. Roman Britain  (Oxford, Oxford University Press)
Salway, P., 1993. The Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain (Oxford, Oxford University Press)
Salway, P., 1997. A History of Roman Britain (Oxford, Oxford University Press)
Salway, P.(ed.), 2002. The Roman Era, Short Oxford History of the British Isles (Oxford, Oxford University Press)
Todd, M., 1999. Roman Britain (3rd edition, Oxford, Blackwell)
Wacher, J., 1998. Roman Britain (2nd edition, Gloucester, Sutton Publishing)
There are useful regional surveys in the Peoples of Roman Britain series published by Sutton Publishing as follows:
Branigan, K., 1985. The Catuvellauni (Essex and Hertfordshire)
Cunliffe, B.W., 1973. The Regni  (Sussex)
Detsicas, A.P., 1983. The Cantiaci  (Kent)
Dunnett, R., 1975. The Trinovantes (Essex)
Hartley, B. and Fitts, L., 1988. The Brigantes (the north of England and southern Scotland)
Higham, N. and Jones, G.D.B., 1985. The Carvetii (the north-west of England)
Ramm, H., 1978. The Parisi (east Yorkshire)
Todd, M., 1991 The Coritani (the east midlands)
Webster, G., 1991. The Cornovii (the west midlands)

The Romans and their Empire

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There is a vast number of  books on the Roman empire; this is just a very short selection.  
Boardman, J, Griffin, J. and Murray, O. (eds),  1988. The Oxford History of the Classical World, Volume 2: The Roman World (Oxford, Oxford University Press)
Cameron, A. 1993.  The Later Roman Empire (Fontana History of the Ancient World)
Carcopino, J.,  1956.  Daily Life in Ancient Rome (Pelican, reprinted in Penguin 1991) This is one of the most stimulating books on anything to do with the Romans - a 'warts and all' introduction.
Dudley, D., 1975. Roman Society (Penguin)
Grant, M., 1979. History of Rome (London, Faber and Faber)
Wells, C., 1992. The Roman Empire (2nd edition,  Fontana History of the Ancient World)

How do we know about the Romans?

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Written sources

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Bowman, A.K., 1994. Life and Letters on the Roman Frontier (London, British Museum) A highly-recommended,  award-winning book which provides a fascinating insight into life in a fort (Vindolanda) in Roman Britain.
Keppie, L., 1991. Understanding Roman Inscriptions (London, Batsford)
Tomlin, R.S.O., 1988.  The curse tablets,  in B. Cunliffe (ed.), The Temple of Sulis Minerva at Bath, vol. 2, The Finds from the Sacred Spring, pp.59-270 – translations of the important curse tablets from Bath

Latin Texts in Translation

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Ireland, S., 1996. Roman Britain: a Source Book (2nd edition, London, Routledge) – contains translations of all the important written sources from Roman times which relate to Britain.
In addition, the following appear in Penguin Classics
Ammianus Marcellinus: The Later Roman Empire,  selected and translated by W. Hamilton with introduction and notes by A. Wallace-Hadrill, 1986
Julius Caesar: The Conquest of Gaul, translated S. A. Handford, 1951
Tacitus: The Agricola and The Germania, translated with an introduction by H. Mattingly, 1948. translation revised by S. A. Handford, 1970

Tacitus: The Histories, translated with an introduction by K. Wellesley 1964 (with later reprints and revisions)

Tacitus: The Annals of Imperial Rome, translated with an introduction by M. Grant 1956 (with later reprints and revisions)
Ovid: The Metamorphoses, translated with introduction by M. M. Innes, 1955


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There are numerous books on archaeological methods and techniques - this is just  a small selection.
Aston, M.,  1997.  Interpreting the Landscape (London, Routledge)
Barker, P.,  1982. Techniques of Archaeological Excavation (London, Batsford)
Barker, P., 1986. Understanding Archaeological Excavation (London, Batsford)
Clark, A.,  1990.  Seeing Beneath the Soil (London, Batsford)
Davis, S.J.M., 1987. The Archaeology of Animals (London, Batsford)
De la Bedoyčre, G.,  1989. The Finds of Roman Britain (London, Batsford)
Greene, K., 2002.  Archaeology: an Introduction (London, Routledge, 4th edition)
Hayes, A., 1993.  Archaeology of the British Isles (London, Batsford)
Jones, M., 1986.  England Before Domesday  (London, Batsford)
Ottaway, P., 1993.  Archaeology in British Towns (London, Routledge)
Renfrew, C. and Bahn, P.,  1991.  Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice (London, Thames Hudson)
Wilson, D.R., 2000. Air Photo Interpretation for Archaeologists (Stroud, Tempus)

The Roman Army

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Another subject with a huge literature - these are just a few recent titles
Bidwell, P., 1997. Roman Forts in Britain (London, Batsford / English Heritage)
Bishop, M.C.  and Coulston, J.C.,  1993.  Roman Military Equipment (London, Batsford)
Bowman, A.K., 1994. Life and Letters on the Roman Frontier (London, British Museum) A highly-recommended, award-winning book which provides a fascinating insight into life in a fort (Vindolanda) in Roman Britain.
Breeze, D.J., 1983. Roman Forts in Britain (Princes Risborough, Shire)
Johnson, A., 1983.  Roman Forts  (London, A and C Black)

Le Bohec, Y., 2000. The Imperial Roman Army (London, Routledge, paperback edition)

Southern, P. and Dixon, K., 2000. The Late Roman Army (London, Routledge)

Webster, G., 1985. The Roman Imperial Army (London, Batsford, 3rd edition)

Britain Becomes Roman

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Breeze, D.J., 1982. The Northern Frontiers of Roman Britain (London, Batsford)
Breeze, D.J.,  1996. Roman Scotland (London, Batsford / Historic Scotland)
Breeze, D.J. and Dobson, B., 2000. Hadrian’s Wall (Penguin 4th edition)
Cunliffe, B., 1996.  Iron Age Britain  (London, Batsford / English Heritage)
Hartley, B. and Fitts, L., 1988. The Brigantes (Stroud, Sutton Publishing)
James, S., 1993.  Exploring the World of the Celts  (London, Thames and Hudson)
Johnson, S. 1989. Hadrian’s Wall (London, Batsford / English Heritage)
Sealey, P., 1997. The Boudican Revolt against Rome (Princes Risborough, Shire)
Webster, G., 1993. Rome against Caratacus (London, Batsford, 2nd edition)
Webster, G., 1993. Boudica (London, Batsford, 2nd edition)

Life in Roman Britain

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Alcock, J., 1996. Life in Roman Britain (London, Batsford / English Heritage)
Allason-Jones, L.,  1989.  Women in Roman Britain (London, British Museum)
Allen, D., 1998.  Roman Glass (Princes Risborough, Shire)
de la Bedoyčre, G., 1993. Roman Villas and the Countryside (London, Batsford / English Heritage)
Birley, A., 1979. The People of Roman Britain (London, Batsford)
Birley, A.,  1981. Life in Roman Britain (London, Batsford)
Casey, P.J., 1994. Roman Coinage in Britain (Princes Risborough, Shire)
Croom. A.T., 2000. Roman Clothing and Fashion (London, Tempus)
Cunliffe, B.W., 1995. Roman Bath (London Batsford / English Heritage)
Green, M.,  1983. The Gods of Roman Britain (Princes Risborough, Shire)
Green, M.,  1986.  The Gods of the Celts (Alan Sutton)
Henig, M., 1984. Religion in Roman Britain (London, Batsford)
Hingley, R., 1989. Rural Settlement in Roman Britain (London, Seaby)
Johns, C., 1996. The Jewellery of Roman Britain (London, UCL)
Johnston, D.E.,  1994. Roman Villas (Princes Risborough, Shire, 4th edition)
Liversidge, J., 1968. Britain in the Roman Empire (London, Routledge)
McAleavy, T., 1998.  Life in Roman Britain (London, English Heritage)
Renfrew, J.,  1985. Food and Cooking in Roman Britain (London, English Heritage)
Rook, T., 1992.  Roman Baths in Britain (Princes Risborough, Shire)
Strong, D. and Brown, D. (eds), 1976. Roman Crafts (London, Duckworth)
Thomas. C., 1981. Christianity in Roman Britain (London, Batsford)
Wacher, J.S., 1997.  The Towns of Roman Britain (London, Batsford, 2nd edition)
Woodward, S.,  1992. Shrines and Sacrifice  (London, Batsford / English Heritage)

Art and Technology in Roman Britain

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Adam, J-P. 1995.  Roman Building Materials and Techniques  (London, Routledge)
A French book in origin and just about the last word on the subject, beautifully illustrated
Bagshawe, R.W. 1979.  Roman Roads (Princes Risborough, Shire)
Davey, N. and Ling, R. 1981.  Wall Painting in Roman Britain (Britannia Monograph 3)
Davies, H., 2002.  Roman Roads in Britain. (London, Tempus)
Dilke, O.A.W.,  1987.  Mathematics and Measurement (British Museum, Reading the Past Series)
Henig, M., 1995.  The Art of Roman Britain  (London, Routledge)
Johnson, P., 1987. Romano-British Mosaics (Princes Risborough, Shire, 2nd edition)
Ling, R.,  1985. Romano-British Wall Painting (Princes Risborough, Shire)
Ling, R., 1998. Ancient Mosaics (London,  British Museum Press)

The End of Roman Britain

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Esmonde-Cleary, S., 1989.  The Ending of Roman Britain  (London, Batsford)
Higham, N., 1992. Rome, Britain and the Anglo-Saxons (London, Seaby)
Johnson, S., 1980. Later Roman Britain (London, Routledge)

Guide Books

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In addition to the individual site guides try these:
de la Bedoyčre, G.,  1998. Hadrian’s Wall: History and Guide (Stroud, Tempus)
Johnston, D.E., 1983.  Discovering Roman Britain (Princes Risborough, Shire)
Wilson, R.J.A.,  1988. A Guide to the Roman Remains in Britain (3rd edition, London, Constable)

Magazines and Periodicals

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Young Archaeologist is the magazine for members of the Young Archaeologist’s Club which has branches all over the country. For details contact:
YAC Membership Secretary
Council for British Archaeology
Bowes Morrell House
111 Walmgate
Check the web site on:
New discoveries and research on Roman Britain is published in a number of  magazines and periodicals including:
ARA: The Bulletin of the Association for Roman Archaeology – available to members of the Association. For details contact:
The Director,
Association for Roman Archaeology,
75 York Road,
SN1 2JU  Tel:01793 534008

British Archaeology - published monthly by the Council for British Archaeology and distributed to members. For details contact: Council for British Archaeology, Bowes Morrell House, 111 Walmgate, York, YO1 2UA  Tel:01904 671417
Web site: (gives links to many other relevant sites)
Current Archaeology – the famous, lively and well-illustrated bi-monthly available on subscription from Current Archaeology, 9 Nassington Road, London NW3 2TX
A more serious academic periodical is Britannia, the Journal of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies. Details of the society are available from The Secretary, Roman Society, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU.
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