Anglo-Scandinavian and Roman remains at

28 - 29 High Ousegate, York, UK
Principal Authors: Neil Macnab and Jane McComish
The site at 28-29 High Ousegate, York, was the subject of an archaeological watching brief and excavation in the summer of 2002. The excavation took place in the site of a new lift shaft in the basement of the building, which is currently Waterstones book store. The excavated area measured just 2.6m by 3m and was investigated to a depth of 1.9m below the existing floor level.

The excavation uncovered evidence of deposits of Roman to Anglo-Scandinavian date; all later deposits had been removed by the insertion of the present cellar. The Anglo-Scandinavian deposits were of particular interest and included a number of pits, dumped deposits, wattle fences and a stake- and post-built structure, in addition to an exceptional collection of artefacts, well preserved in the highly organic deposits. These artefacts provide evidence for craft industries on the site including leather working, textile production, antler working and horn working.

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