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Anglo-Scandinavian, Medieval and Post-Medieval Urban Occupation at
41–49 Walmgate, York, UK
Principal Author: Neil Macnab
The Walmgate area has long been known as the industrial hub of medieval York, sandwiched between the medieval defences and the River Foss. The street of Walmgate itself was the major thoroughfare through the area during the medieval period linking to routes south of York.

Between August and October 2000 York Archaeological Trust had the opportunity to examine deposits at 41–49 Walmgate, funded by Evans Homes. The significant archaeological discoveries made spanned 1000 critical years of the city's development, from the 10th to the 20th century. The evidence recovered has enabled a fascinating picture to be built up of the sequence of buildings which stood on the site, how they were constructed, who lived and worked in them, and what these inhabitants ate. The excavations were invaluable for developing our understanding of this part of York and allow comparison to be made with discoveries elsewhere in the city and beyond.

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