The Excavation  

After the initial site clearance and cleaning the excavation area was divided into a 5m x 5m grid labelled A to P. Additionally a strip along the Walmgate frontage (Area Q) was excavated from April to May 2001. The results from the combined excavations are considered below.

The chronology of activities is split up into phases for ease of interpretation. All compass points used in this report refer to true north.

Phase 1
Timber Buildings A to E and industrial activity (10th century).
Phase 2
Timber Buildings F and G (late 10th to early 11th century).
Phase 3
Bank or platform construction, east side of site (early to mid 11th century).
Phase 4
Timber Buildings H to L (mid to late 11th century).
Phase 5
Industrial activities on open ground (12th century).
Phase 6
Timber Buildings M to O, metalworking and industrial activities (late 12th to early 14th century).
Phase 7
New property division and timber-framed Buildings P to R (early to mid 14th century).
Phase 8
Building R and new timber-framed Buildings S and T (mid to late 14th century).
Phase 9
Timber-framed Buildings U to Y, metalworking (late 14th to late 16th century).
Phases 10, 11, 12, 13
Rebuilding of Buildings U, V and X, creation of new yard with well, construction of Buildings Z, AB and AC (early 17th to 20th century).
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