Phase 9: Introduction    
Mid 14th to Late 16th Century
During Phase 9 a complex of timber-framed buildings (Buildings U–Y) was constructed. These buildings were in use from the mid 14th to the late 16th century, during which time their internal layout and functions changed. The most striking feature of Phase 9 is the increased area used for buildings: the earlier backyards were infilled with buildings at this stage. Owing to its complexity the phase has been divided into nine sub-phases.

Buildings U, W and Y appear to have been used for industrial metalworking. Building V was an open hall with a central hearth until the 16th century when it appears to have been subdivided into two workshops. At this stage a massive double chimney stack was constructed between Buildings U and V. Building X may have been part of a small row of cottages without backyards on the eastern side of St Denys' churchyard. A yard existed to the south of Building V for a time but this was gradually built on. On the eastern side of the excavation area, the land appears not to have been intensively used and may have been a lane or entrance to give access to the yard behind Building V.

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Excavations in progress looking north
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